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The OG Roam pendant. Long and elegant for special occasions where you're dressed to impress. A perfect gift for the important woman in your life - whether that's mom, your girlfriend/wife, sister, or best friend. 

What to write and tuck inside the pendant for your loved one:

  • Anniversary dates or the name of the restaurant on your first date
  • Mom's favorite quote to keep your head up when you were little
  • Song lyrics from your first dance
  • Your favorite quality about them

Each 18K gold dipped pendant hangs from an 18K gold chain and comes with small papers (think fortune cookie size) that can be changed out with a new message as you wish. Also available in our new silver colorway.

Simply write your favorite quote, word or message.

Roll the scroll and tuck it inside the pendant.

Measures: 32" long with Swarovski clear crystal drop.