About Us

We've always been a family with many interests. Our love of the outdoors, travel and creating has taken us on adventures and even stints living in Switzerland, Minnesota and now Mitchell is based in Bozeman.  A core value of our family has always been encouraging each other's strengths, so starting a business together made the bucket list early.  The idea for the Roam Pendant came to Tamara (mom) and Mitchell during a chat on a log in Yellowstone; you never know when inspiration will strike. We wanted a way to keep our dreams and inspirations with us but private enough that they have time to manifest.  

Knowing that jewelry with a personal story makes it more meaningful, Tamara has owned her own jewelry business for the past 10 years, we called up Harrison (the baby brother) and product designer, to take our vision and create it virtually. After dozens of rounds of computer-generated re-designs, we created a model that looks fresh and modern while also being easy to use. Mitchell (the big brother) and a marketing consultant, worked to develop the product strategy and to create a finished product for consumers. We never planned how our skills would form a business until our ah-ha moment, but keeping the creative process in the family has been a way to keep our bond strong. Bill (dad) who likes to remain behind the scenes and the brains in logistics, Tamara and Harrison reside in Minnesota while Mitchell lives in Montana.  What do we keep in our pendants? "1,000 miles together" to remind us that we are always connected as a family no matter where we Roam.
What will you put in YOURS?